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Tech Olympiad aims to spark curiosity in the minds of the students, while showing them a direction of evolution of technology.

Traditionally, new technologies have taken years – sometimes decades – to become mainstream. However, the times we live in today are different. While pure scientific research is still a time-taking endeavor, its application and advancement into world-changing technologies works at much shorter timescales. And this pace is bound to increase. It is no longer enough to teach our kids about the techniques, methods, and systems that programmers and designers used, even just a decade back. It is time to unleash on to the new realms of technical understanding.

Tech Olympiad aims to orient students towards technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Augmented and Virtual Reality, Blockchain, and Quantum Computing. These are the technologies that have started to power our present, and in one way or another, will power our future.

We have put together a fantastic team of professions who all share this vision. These are professionals from Silicon Valley and beyond who are dedicated to making this vision a reality. We also have a tremendous group of advisors. These are the veterans of industry, and act as mentor, guides, and sounding boards for our efforts and our direction. Here are the people who advise us, as we help guide a new generation into the hyper-functional, uber-connected world of tomorrow.

Technology Matters!

Software is becoming the language of our world. In the future, not knowing the language of computers will be as challenging as being illiterate or innumerate are today. Combine this with sensors, electronic circuits, and structured thinking, and you have a world that is driven by technology.

Computational thinking is a skill that child should have. Understanding of technical concepts, and where they can be used, will be a critical tool in every child’s toolbox as they grow up and seek to have an impact on the world!


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